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Nova Scotia EMO @nsemoRT @nshealth: No residents or other staff are showing symptoms, but some are now in self-isolation as a precaution and close contacts are b…9 hours ago 3 0
Nova Scotia EMO @nsemoRT @nshealth: All residents, their families and staff at both facilities have been notified. Public Health is continuing to investigate and…9 hours ago 3 0
Nova Scotia EMO @nsemoRT @nshealth: An employee at R.K. MacDonald Nursing Home in Antigonish has tested positive for #COVID19, while an employee at Lewis Hall, a…9 hours ago 4 0
Nova Scotia EMO @nsemoRT @nshealth: There will be no live stream update today. A media briefing is scheduled tomorrow for live stream at 12:30 p.m. on Sunday, Ma…9 hours ago 2 0
Nova Scotia EMO @nsemoRT @nshealth: Twenty new cases were identified in Nova Scotia and most are connected to travel or a known case. To date, Nova Scotia has 4,…9 hours ago 29 0
Nova Scotia EMO @nsemoRT @nsgov: Twenty New Cases of COVID-19 in Nova Scotia Vingt nouveaux cas de COVID-19 en Nouvelle-Écosse https://t…9 hours ago 31 0
Nova Scotia EMO @nsemoRT @CourtsNS_News: To further reduce the spread of #COVID19, the NS Court of Appeal has adjourned all May/June hearings & suspended all fil…16 hours ago 10 0
Nova Scotia EMO @nsemoRT @NS_DoB: Today we announced a rent deferral program for retail and commercial tenants that are required to close because of Nova Scotia’…16 hours ago 9 0